MSc, Margarita Petrova - Osolè

After graduation from Rostov Medical University in 1990, I was working as a paediatrician and    acupuncturist (sins 1993) in a regional revalidation centre in Russia. In the department of Computer Diagnostics and Reflexotherapy I worked together with 10 other acupuncturists.

Acupuncture was included into neurological, cardiac, post-traumatic revalidation programs, and used for improving  health and physical condition of the athletes before and after competitions. Among our patients  were Olympic champions 2004 Nikolai Spinev and Sergey Fedortsev.

After I studied biopuncture in Moscow Sechenov Academy in 2002, I started combining acupuncture and biopuncture for the treatment of facial palsy and peripheral nerve disorders. The combination of these methods allowed me to achieve better treatment results during a shorter period of time.


In 2008 I moved to Holland. Here I got accreditation as an acupuncturist by TCMA academy and became a member of the NVA. 


Because the restoration of mobility was always in the sphere of my interest, I decided to follow the  Master's programme in Human Movement Sciences at the VU Amsterdam.

I graduated from the university in August 2010. This program gave me deeper understanding of the process of neurorehabilitation and its limiting factors.


In 2010 heb ik mijn acupunctuur praktijk begonnen, op een prachtige locatie in het centrum van Amsterdam. Sinds 2012 werk ik veel met professionele ballet dansers.