Bell's palsy

In our practice we offer a complex rehabilitation for patients with Bell’s palsy.

First consult

During the first session the facial disability will be assessed (with House-Brackmann grades and Facial Disability Index), taping technique aimed at restoration of the face symmetry and customized facial exercises will be shown and explained.

Acupuncture and Face massage

Every treatment starts with a 5 min facial massage to improve microcirculation and prevent contracture, followed by a 20 - 30 min acupuncture session. Acupuncture is recognised as a safe and effective method of treatment of Bell’s palsy. It is a part of rehabilitation of patients with facial nerve paralysis in many countries.

The earlier the treatment, the better the prognosis. A course of treatment consists of +/- 10 acupuncture sessions, which should be given every day or every second day.

The side effects are minimal, but could include local (subcutaneous haematoma, minor haemorrhage in needling position, pain at the site of needling) and systemic (tiredness, dizziness/vertigo) reactions.